Temporary fence panels

Temporary fence panels are basically a 3mtr in length panel by 1.8 metre height. There are two styles of panel. The heavier and more suited for commercial build sites are manufactured with 1 ½ OD galv pipe and supported by 12kg steel feet.

The second style is a lighter panel and easier to move around, more styled for people control. These too are supported by steel feet but also have a bolted clamp attached between two panels. Both styles of panel meet the OSH requirements for the application of temporary fencing.


Permanent fencing

Camco also fabricate and install permanent fencing of many styles which include:

  • Pool style fence panels of different styles
  • Fabricated panels of various designs to suit the application of property style. Scrolls, one offs or custom designs
  • Both rolling and hinged style vehicle access gates
  • Diamond mesh type of most heights supported by galv pipe.
  • Galv pipe framed type fences with either wire dividers or diamond mesh.
  • Fabricated frames with expanded mesh inserts

All of the above can be galvanized and powder coated to any colour available.